About Us

About Us

In 1954 Carl H. Acome purchased 54 acres of land on East Avenue which was where the local garbage dump for the area was at the time. He relocated his family there from the Village of Youngstown, cleaned up the property and raised farm animals. Around that time he started a business delivering water to the military bases in Erie and Niagara County and doing garbage pickup in Youngstown. Then in the 1960’s, the focus turned to construction and the “Carl H. Acome Construction Company” was formed and later incorporated in 1971. As time went on, the business, then located in Ransomville, expanded to include all aspects of general construction including: concrete, blacktop, foundations, demolition, shore repair work and septic systems, just to name a few. At its highest point the company had 10 employees with Carl at the lead, his son James second in command and for a few years his grandchildren, Jim and Jennifer, were also employed.

Then, in 1987, the company changed hands being passed on to James and in 2003 was renamed “Acome Construction, Inc.” Besides still doing general construction work, they were the main contractor performing plant maintenance at a local chemical factory being responsible for repair and replacement of the underground sewer and water lines, building new structures, installing concrete foundations for machinery and any other maintenance needed. This lasted from the early 1980’s through 2002 when the plant operations moved out of the area. Some employees have come and gone, but James has had the same faithful crew of Phil and Dan since the early 2000’s. The company relocated back to its original location on East Avenue in Youngstown in 1995 and that’s where it is currently located today.

The company is still going strong but has changed hands again to another member of the family. As of December 2017 the new owner is Jennifer McNeely, James daughter, and they are now classified as a Woman Owned Small Business. Jennifer has returned to the family business and plans on picking up where she left off, with the addition of being more involved in the business side of things. The core aspects of the company remain the same but is more streamlined to focus on shore repair work, septic systems, foundations and site work for new construction. We are on the DEC’s list of approved companies to perform shore protection work on Lake Ontario and have worked with Indian Health Services since 2007 installing septic systems on various Indian Reservations in Western New York.

We have a wide variety of equipment to serve the purpose of our operations. They include: 2 excavators; 1 mini excavator; 2 skid steers; 3 dump trucks; 1 dozer; 2 hydro seeders; 1 backhoe tractor; 3 pickup trucks and other various support equipment.

Jennifer McNeely: Jennifer was employed as a laborer and truck driver with a class B CDL from 1993 until 2003. In the years following, she raised a family, earned an Associate Degree in Computer and Electronics Technology and worked in the field of Electronics. She then returned the end of 2017 to take over as Owner and President of the company and is currently learning the day to day office operations including estimating and contracts, performs site management and once again drives truck with a class B CDL.

James D. Acome: James has been with the company since its original inception in the 1960’s and is currently Vice President. He still runs machinery and drives truck with a class A CDL, fields customer calls, looks at potential jobs and manages the general operations at site locations.

Phil Fleckenstein: Phil has been with the company since 1999, starting out as a laborer he has advanced to lead machine operator and mechanic, drives truck with a class A CDL and can run all aspects of the job site.

Dan Wilson: Dan has worked with the company off and on since 2005, returning in the spring of 2014 as a full time permanent employee. He is a laborer, machine operator and mechanic.

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